Driveway Cam

Here's a view of our Driveway.  I know... why the driveway.  Well it will give you and I a good indication of the weather at our house.  A new image is loaded every five minutes.

Weather : Partly Cloudy
Temperature : 65°
Mon Sep 20 2021
Rain in the evening and overnight.

Sunrise at 6:39am
3am: 68°
6am: 67°
9am: 70°
12(Noon): 73°
3pm: 77°
Sunset at 6:55pm
Tue Sep 21 2021
Rain in the morning.

Sunrise at 6:41am
High Temp: 75°
around 12:00am

Low Temp: 56°
around 12:00am
Sunset at 6:53pm
Wed Sep 22 2021
Partly cloudy throughout the day.

Sunrise at 6:42am
High Temp: 65°
around 6:00pm

Low Temp: 48°
around 6:24am
Sunset at 6:51pm
Thu Sep 23 2021
Clear throughout the day.

Sunrise at 6:43am
High Temp: 66°
around 3:10pm

Low Temp: 44°
around 7:18am
Sunset at 6:49pm