Ladysmith Photos and Videos

In the fall of 2012 with mortage rates at an all time low and real estate prices at record lows Nancy and I realized that in our lifetime we would not see a better oppertunity to purchase a vacation home in northern Wisconsin.  With that we started to looking.  We looked in the Minacqua area, Lake Wisconsin area and the Ladysmith area.  In June of 2013 we closed on a home in Ladysmith WI.

Weather : Overcast
Temperature : 77°
Mon Jul 4 2022
Rain until evening.

Sunrise at 5:23am
12(Noon): 78°
3pm: 75°
6pm: 72°
9pm: 72°
12(Midnight): 70°
Sunset at 8:57pm
Tue Jul 5 2022
Mostly cloudy throughout the day.

Sunrise at 5:23am
High Temp: 80°
around 4:18pm

Low Temp: 64°
around 12:00am
Sunset at 8:57pm
Wed Jul 6 2022
Overcast throughout the day.

Sunrise at 5:24am
High Temp: 78°
around 4:01pm

Low Temp: 62°
around 5:50am
Sunset at 8:56pm
Thu Jul 7 2022
Mostly cloudy throughout the day.

Sunrise at 5:25am
High Temp: 83°
around 4:00pm

Low Temp: 61°
around 5:41am
Sunset at 8:56pm