Ladysmith Photos and Videos

In the fall of 2012 with mortage rates at an all time low and real estate prices at record lows Nancy and I realized that in our lifetime we would not see a better oppertunity to purchase a vacation home in northern Wisconsin.  With that we started to looking.  We looked in the Minacqua area, Lake Wisconsin area and the Ladysmith area.  In June of 2013 we closed on a home in Ladysmith WI.

Weather : Clear
Temerature : 36°
Fri Nov 15 2019
Clear throughout the day.

Sunrise at 7:05am
3pm: 38°
6pm: 30°
9pm: 27°
12(Midnight): 26°
3am(Tomorrow): 25°
Sunset at 4:36pm
Sat Nov 16 2019
Foggy overnight.

Sunrise at 7:06am
High Temp: 40°
around 3:00pm

Low Temp: 24°
around 2:07am
Sunset at 4:35pm
Sun Nov 17 2019
Light snow in the morning and afternoon.

Sunrise at 7:08am
High Temp: 39°
around 3:11pm

Low Temp: 29°
around 7:52am
Sunset at 4:34pm
Mon Nov 18 2019
Overcast throughout the day.

Sunrise at 7:09am
High Temp: 39°
around 2:56pm

Low Temp: 27°
around 7:32am
Sunset at 4:33pm